Executive search

Passive recruiting strategies such as job advertisements in print media and online job exchanges only reach a fraction of potentially suitable candidates. Executive search is the active recruiting method with which potentially suitable candidates are systematically identified and the most suitable candidates are recruited. It is proven to be the most effective, best performing recruiting process.

The direct approach:

  • Creation of the requirement profile and the position description
  • Systematic search using lists of target companies
  • Identification and contacting of suitable candidates
  • Examination of the incoming documents
  • Personal interview with special attention to the requirement profile
  • Written presentation of suitable candidates who are interested in the position and the company using a candidate profile
  • Organization of the interview dates and accompaniment of the candidates with the personal introduction - if desired
  • Organization of further selection procedures
  • Support during contract negotiations / support during integration of the new employee
  • All modules are coordinated and can be adapted as required.

What are the advantages of the procedure for you?

  • We achieve the best market penetration through thorough identification of, and telephone contact with suitable candidates. The activation of candidates who are not actively searching is therefore enhanced.
  • An effective pre-selection of candidates is guaranteed, as immediate KO factors are queried and personal assessment and client reporting take place.
  • We have specific labour market information (salary level, typical professional biographies, availability, qualifications) for the respective industries and know the special needs of clients and candidates.
  • We are happy to provide support with the onboarding of desired candidates.