Personnel Marketing

Employer branding

We support you:

  • Establish employer branding as part of HR management
  • To work out the specific strengths of the company with a view to your recruiting processes
  • Establishing candidate experience management: Every encounter between an applicant and the potential employer should be a positive and motivating experience. Ideal candidates should not break off the application process. The company should be perceived positively by the candidates throughout the application process.


Potential analysis / talent identification

We support you:

  • Development of a company-specific talent management strategy
  • Identification and effective description of the key positions
  • Supporting executives in implementing the talent management strategy
  • Identification of potential top performers
  • Implementation of potential analyses with the help of validated test procedures
  • Development of personal development and loyalty programs for potential top performers

Talent management improves the learning ability, adaptability and competitiveness of your company on the basis of existing in-house potential.


Retention management

We support you:

  • Analysis of the fluctuation risk of strategically relevant employees
  • Identification of the motivational / demotivating factors of the retention target group
  • Development of target group-specific measures
  • Implementation of the measures
  • Results evaluation

As part of retention management, framework conditions can be created that encourage employees to identify with their work and with the company and thus create a motivating, performance-enhancing corporate culture.